How Addictive Drugs Work And When To Get Help

How Addictive Drugs Work And When To Get Help hover background

Oct 06

Drug addiction is a complex and serious disorder that has the ability to destroy an individual’s life from the inside out. Because drug addiction problems can be extremely complex, rehabilitation has several different layers. Some focus is put on terminating the individual’s drug usage, other focus is put on restoring the individual to a more productive life at work and at home. Such approaches tend to include cognitive behavioral therapy.
While addiction problems and drug abuse are occasionally treated in a physician’s office or medical clinic, it is best for a drug addict to receive treatment in a holistic drug rehab center. Surrounded by a team of caring healthcare professionals, the client will receive quality care and the close attention necessary for a quick and easy recovery.

The dependency problem caused by drug addiction can lead to a decreased sense of personal value. The understanding that others perceive those with addiction problems negatively can cause the addict to feel helpless and ashamed. These feelings can goad the victim into taking increased quantities of the drug, causing further addiction.Recreational drugs, such as heroin, marijuana and crystal meth are known for their abilities to severely damage the brain. A brief description on how these of these drugs work is provided below.



Also known by the street names of “Mary Jane”, “pot”, and “weed”, Marijuana is one of the fastest acting drugs in use. Within ten minutes of consumption, the dangerous chemical tetrahydrocannabinol arrives in the brain and commands this organ toMeth Detox release dopamine, the chemical the brain corresponds with pleasure and reward. Just minutes after tetrahydrocannabinol lands in the brain, the user will feel as if he or she is Spiderman (or some equivalent superhero), on top of the world and unconquerable. A flood of pleasurable sensations course through the user’s body, such as a dramatically increased sense of touch and acute visual perception. For users of marijuana, time often seems to stand still. The high, however, does not last. After only two or three uses, the body becomes tolerant on the drug. If the victim doesn’t receive help right away, he or she will typically continue increasing drug usage until an overdose is reached.

Crystal Meth


Methamphetamine, known by drug users as “speed”, “chrissy”, “ice”, “crystal meth” and “tweak”, is more powerful even than marijuana. This drug, commonly used at nightclubs, requires only one usage in order for an addiction to begin. Crystal meth has many effects on the body. Primarily, the user feels a high sense of alertness. The user feels extremely actives and his or her body temperature skyrockets. Addiction to tweak has been said to be one of the hardest addictions in the world to break.



Heroin ranks in the top ten most addictive drugs worldwide. Heroin is a very common street drug. Withdrawing from heroin is very difficult. Heroin is noted for its destruction of the body from the inside out.

If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs, consider visiting a holistic drug rehab center for assistance.

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