Feeling Powerless in the Struggle to Let Go of Addiction

Feeling Powerless in the Struggle to Let Go of Addiction hover background

Sep 30


It’s often said that the first step towards recovery from addiction is admitting to being powerless over drugs or alcohol. The idea that an addict has any type of control over their alcohol or drug use has caused a great deal of mental and physical pain. They try over and over again to prove that they can drink or use drugs in a way that doesn’t cause problems, but they find that each time their situation gets worse.

Losing Control

Nobody likes to admit that they’re powerless over anything. We want to think that if we have enough willpower and self-discipline that we can overcome any obstacle that we’re facing. If we’re unemployed, we can spend everyday job hunting until we find work. If we want a promotion at work, we can work hard to impress management to give us that promotion. If we run into any type of problem, we can often think of a solution. Addiction works in a much different way.

An addict may try dozens of different ways to control their drinking or drug use, but they can’t find a way to do so. They may switch from liquor to beer. They may stop using drugs during the week. Some people decide to only drink or use in social situations. Once again, they’re completely baffled that their drinking or using starts to escalate to the point of where they were before or worse.

Admitting You’re Powerless

One of the main reasons addicts have a difficult time admitting that they’re powerless is because they feel that it’s a sign of weakness. Not only do they not want to admit defeat, but they don’t want to ask for help. In reality, admitting that you’ve lost control allows you to regain control. Those who can admit to their innermost selves that they’re truly addicted and can’t take a drink or drug safely have made a giant leap in the right direction.

This begins to open up your mind to a whole world of possibility. Now that you’re being honest with yourself, you’ll be more apt to accept help from others. The best way to begin to regain control is by entering a quality drug and alcohol treatment center. They’ll teach you a new design for living that doesn’t involve alcohol or drugs.

Life After Treatment

Learning that you’re powerless over drugs and alcohol will begin to open up new insight into the rest of your life. You’ll learn in treatment that you’re also powerless over people, places and things, and resentment can be a primary cause for relapse. Accepting that you’re powerless over a variety of different situations allows you to maintain peace and serenity, which helps protect your sobriety.

This can be very difficult at first, but you must remember that recovery from takes time. As time goes on, your brain will begin to heal and become more accustomed to this new way of living. One day at a time, you’ll be able to live an extraordinary life.

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