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Sep 15

Countless people have been able to break free from their addiction with traditional treatment options such as 12-step programs, but this style of recovery does not work for everyone. Addictions are incredibly complex diseases that will physically alter one’s brain and actually change how they think and perceive the world around them. Due to the complexity of these diseases, it is vital that addicts have access to programs that approach their substance abuse problems from multiple angles.

Understanding an Addiction


Even with an incredible amount of research done on the subject, we still know relatively little about addictions. There are certain factors that will increase one’s risk of abusing substances such as drugs and alcohol, but every addiction is slightly different. For the average person, an addiction begins with the initial experimentation or use of the substance. Examples of this would be a patient being prescribed painkillers by their doctor or a teenager have some drinks with friends.

Many people can use these substances recreationally for years with absolutely no issues, but others will find themselves craving them more and more. If steps are not taken to control these issues, then it will not take much for them to build a tolerance and eventually become physically and mentally dependent on their substance of choice.

Alternative Treatment Options

Alternative addiction treatment programs cover a variety of approaches that are not medical in nature. While some alternative programs do include a few traditional options, most are designed to treat the root causes of the addiction itself. This often begins with a detox period, one step that should always be overseen by a professional. Detoxing is incredibly hard on one’s body, and attempting to carry this out alone can be dangerous. After that, the individual will then move to an inpatient facility in order to address the catalysts of their addiction.Meth Detox

These programs generally begin by making the addict as healthy as possible. This often includes a clean diet, exercising, and as little processed food as possible. The next step is to speak with an addiction specialist and come up with a comprehensive treatment plan to address all of one’s needs. Many of those that are struggling with an addiction will benefit from personal counseling, group therapy, meditation, acupuncture, and art therapy.

Seeking Out Help


There are now more treatment options than ever for those that would like to finally break the cycle of substance abuse for good. If you have found that traditional treatments are not working for your own unique situation, then it may be time to look for alternative treatment programs. These programs will help you build the tools that you need to avoid relapsing and rebuild your life from the ground up. Every day that goes by under the control of drugs or alcohol is just one more day that could be spent creating a healthy and fulfilling life.

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